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What Is Camfrog?

Camfrog is a Video/Voice chat program similar to Yahoo or MSN but with superior audo and video streaming capabilities. Not only can you chat one on one but join chatrooms such as ours. The basic version is free and you only have limited features such as being able to open up one cam at a time. Pro version at the time of this webpage was approx. $50 but it is good for life and transferable to different systems. Pro allows you to open multiple cams, do text over image as well as other perks. DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY CAMFROG PRO "PROGRAMS"!!! Camfrog Pro is just a code that you put in your already installed Camfrog. Programs advertising themselves as Camfrog Pro are usually virus. Some of the rooms are run by Camfrog but the majority are run and funded by indivduals or groups. Our room is funded by its members through donations. If you like our room please consider making a small contribution. Every little bit helps and all cost/donations are posted on our Donations page. Our room is located in the 18+ section of Camfrog. Being an adult room adult things do happen there. If nudity and sexual content offend you easily you may not want to consider another room from our Rooms section on our Links page. If you want to enter the 18+ area on Camfrog you will have to be sure to turn your Family Filter option off.

If you have Camfrog installed then click xxO_BBW_Curvy_Divas_Oxx to join the room. If this link does not work then copy the name and add it to your Camfrog and join that way. Please click the links to the left to read the Room Rules, get information on becoming an operator and find out about room meetings.

How Chat Rooms Work

Camfrog chatrooms work on a system similar to MSN in thats there are owners and operators that monitor the room. The main difference however is that most of the rooms are owned and operated by indivduals or groups and thus set their own rules. Every rooom maybe different but the colour hiachie stays the same.

Black nicks are general users that come in a room. When you first enter a room your nick will be black.
Blue nicks are friends of the room. What this means varies from room to room but in ours it means we don't have to check your cam as often and you are allowed to do things such as pause your cam for periods of time.
Green nicks are operators. They are the there to moderate the room and make sure the room rules are obeyed. Some people consider being an op a symbol of status. In our room however they are the staff and they work to make sure everyone in the room is safe and can enjoy the room to its full capacity.
Red nicks are owners. They over see the room and ultimately come up with the room rules and revisions and deal with major room issues.

To gain colour in our room simply particpate in the room chat and you'll likely be blue in no time. Please read the Room Rules before entering the room but the basic idea is be on cam and don't be a jerk. If you can do that then you'll be just fine.

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Running a room isnt all fun and games. It takes alot of work and money. If you enjoy the room please consider making a donation. Even a few dollars helps to offset our operation costs.

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