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Running a room isnt all fun and games. It takes alot of work and money. If you enjoy the room please consider making a donation. Even a few dollars helps to offset our operation costs.

Topic: 'HavocBringer : i tried to fuck jon one day just ended up with rug burn' (Set by GoodForTheSoul)Topic: 'xlilpupx : SAMIMI!!! i got a monster xlilpupx : and im not talking about the penis in my pants' (Set by GoodForTheSoul)Slave_Unleashed : ive gota thong up my ass... and its pulling my ass hole tight' (Set by mr_blu_eyez)bobdolescrackdealer : so i went to high five my mom, and she smacked me in the chest... so i grabbed my moob through my shirt and yelled out "APOLOGIZE TO LEFTY!!!" and she yelled back "OH GOD!!! NO MAN BOOBS IN MY FACE!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAD TO SAY THAT TO MY SON!!!"Topic: 'RedWinePhilosophy (9:47:44 PM) : self sucking would be amazing RedWinePhilosophy (9:47:51 PM) : but then I would be unemployed RedWinePhilosophy (9:47:52 PM) : so whatever' (Set by ilwolfman61382) kurious_kimmi (9:43:12 PM) : i'll take a good lay over Motrin any damn day Gloria (Set By Ilwolfman61382)
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