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Room Rules

RESPECT EACH OTHER - pretty self explanatory. We are all adults with our own differences and as long as this difference do not infringe on others then all the power to you.

PEOPLE WILL VIEW YOUR CAM, DEAL WITH IT (For Members Only) - This is video chat so people that you may not want to will view your cam sometimes, maybe even the same gender at times. If you don't want someone viewing you then pause your cam and they will likely move along. However if someone constantly viewing your cam that you don't want to, gets on it soon as you unpause and essentially being stalkerish please come to an op+ or owner so we can assess the situation and take action if necissary. PLEASE NOTE THIS APPLIES TO MEMBERS ONLY, BLACK NICKS ARE REQUIRED TO BE ON CAM AT ALL TIMES!

NO UNDERAGE PPL ALLOWED - this is an 18+ room and all people on cam in this room must meet or exceed that minimal age requirement. We have no issue with children coming on briefly to say hi to people in the room or if they are playing in the background however persons who are underage and unsupervised on cam are to be kicked. ALL BLACK NICKS WILL BE REQUIRED HAVE FACE ON CAM WHEN THEY FIRST COME IN THE ROOM. After they have shown their face they may move the cam to other parts of their body. If an individual appears to be under age they are required to prove age by photo id other wise they are to be kicked.

NO LINK POSTING, OR EMAIL POSTINGS - this is in reference to people coming in and spamming the room with their emails or advertisings. It is ok to post a link say to a funny website or personal page if requested but please try and keep it to a minimum.

NO RECORDING DEVICES - this is an automatic ban. We protect our members and any one caught capturing video will be turned over to the appropriate authorities as in most states, provinces and countries it is illegal to capture video without a persons consent.

NO FLOODING - this is in reference to people coming in and repeatedly posting the same stuff over and over again in the room such as the famous open tits, look at me, etc

NO VIDEO TO BE PLAYED IN ROOM - if it's a personal video to show member that is fine but no copyrighted material is to be shown

NO MUSIC UNLESS AUTHORIZED - we usually have music playing in the room but sometimes we do open up the mic for people. If there is no music playing please ask before you start incase it is an open mic session. You must have colour to play music in this room.

PHONE RULE APPLIES - meant in fun and is not mandatory. if you do not wish to participate you cannot call phone rule on someone else only fair.

PROVE IT RULE - same as phone rule

NO BLACK/PAUSED/WALL CAMS WITHOUT COLOUR - this is video chat and we require black nicks to at least be partially on cam.

NO GAY BASHING - this room is for everyone regardless of sexual orientation. We all make jokes from time to time some of which maybe inappropriate but blatant gay bashing will not be tolerated. Members may request someone of the same sex leave their cam but asking and going off on some tirade about gays are two totally different things and will not be tolerated

NO DIRECTING/BEGGIN - Exactly what it says. You will be warned and kicked.

NO DARK CAMS - We need to be able to see you. Simple as that.

ENGLISH ONLY - This is an english only room. In order for use to moderate the room chat properly we need to be able to understand what is said.

NO TYPING ONLY IN CAPITALS - This is considered shouting and is very rude

BE ON CAM IF YOU WANT TO VIEW CAMS - Any room member may view another persons cam as long as they themselves are on cam. If you are not on cam and someone requests you turn of theirs please do so as a courtesy. If you have a complaint about an member not being on cam but viewing you please contact an owner or op+ so the issue maybe resolved.

NO SOLICITATION - We don't care if you're selling or if you are buying you will be banned from the room.

As well the standard room rules such as dark cams, etc apply. Enforcement of all the rules except for BLACK CAMs is to warn and give the person a chance to comply then kick if they don't. If the person returns and is still breaking the rules it is up to the op whether to kick again or to punish. If someone comes in day after day breaking rules they are to be banned. For particularly offensive people if possible please copy and paste the users nick and IP address from the ban notification to me so I may put them on permanent ban. BLACK/SOLID cams are to be kicked with out warning as we do not want to chance any video capturing. There are exceptions to the rules of course. Sometimes a kick without warning is warranted for abusive behavior or if the room is exceptionally busy and under op'd. An complaints regarding an OP should be direct to an OP+ or Owner. Also please note that black nicks will be op'd be both genders. This is not a gay room but a room for everyone so if you are homophobic about same gender ops checking your cam you should maybe consider another room because it's their job.

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Running a room isnt all fun and games. It takes alot of work and money. If you enjoy the room please consider making a donation. Even a few dollars helps to offset our operation costs.

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